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Martin J Locraft is a freelance photographer and designer based in Washington, DC. He spends most of his days working in residential architecture, but tries to keep things fresh by either hitting the streets with a camera or working on graphic and web design projects. His interest in photography and design increases on an almost daily basis; whether it's producing something from scratch or admiring the creations of others, he's constantly taking notes on how to better what he is able to produce from both technical and aesthetic standpoints.

The arts have always played a major role in his life, from taking various drawing and painting classes as a child to spending two years and countless hours in the darkroom in high school. They inevitably led to a curriculum at The Catholic University of America in the District, where a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Architecture and a Masters of Architecture were attained. Throughout his education, there existed a goal of developing a sharper eye for all-things visual, one that continues to this day.

Some of his photography work has been published in DC Magazine, The Onion A/V Club, OnTap Magazine, Brightest Young Things, the GW Hatchet and and has been featured in DCist Exposed (2008) and I'm With The Band (2009). He has done miscellaneous graphic and web design work for small business and personal endeavors in the DC Metro Area for the last few years.

If you are interested in any photographic or design services, please feel free to contact him by calling 202-905-5913, or by e-mailing